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    Welcome To J.A. Weaver's "JAW'S" Tree Service, Inc.

    At J.A. Weaver's "JAW'S" Tree Service, Inc. we know that your trees are valuable assets which cannot easily be replaced. Healthy trees can provide shade to your property and character to your landscape. Well-informed consumers should know that the care of you trees should be entrusted only to an I.S.A. (International Society of Arboriculture) Certified Arborist from the time they are young. Proper train-pruning at an early age will help them to grow into healthy trees with sound mechanical structures. Regular inspections and proper maintenance including pruning and fertilizing help to keep them healthy throughout their life.

    J.A. Weaver's "JAW'S" Tree Service, Inc. follows the codes and standards outlined by the (I.S.A.) International Society of Arboriculture and by the ANSI (American National Standard) A-300.

    "Results of pruning are permanent. Please choose your arborist carefully." - James A. Weaver, President/ISA-Certified Arborist #SO-0312A

    "Think Before You Cut"